company training

Training adapted to the needs of the company

This training is aimed at business leaders and project managers who wish to update their knowledge in project management. All arrangements are made to help you improve your level in a specific area of ​​project management. We offer the following services:
Whether you are an employee, a manager or a supervisor wishing to develop your leadership, coaching is for you. We help you in your professional ambitions by offering you advice, unparalleled working strategies that will increase your ability to make a good decision on complex problems that you encounter or will encounter in the professional world. These coaching sessions will be tailor-made on your own schedule. We also do group coaching in companies to improve productivity, team building during activities so that there is less conflict.
With our experienced consultants, we will integrate your company as a mentor by guiding your project team step by step. If you have already implemented a specific project management method or want to integrate a new method like PRINCE2. We can also guide you. The goal is to help your employees feel comfortable without the help of a consultant if ever the opportunity arises for another similar project.
Our training program is aimed at employees or students who wish to obtain the PRINCE2 Foundation or Practitioner certification. We organize internal training in companies for the personal development of employees. In higher institutes for students aspiring to PMP or PRINCE2 certification.