Who are our consultants?

Our consultants have solid experience in their field. They have already managed projects lasting several months, or even several years with various issues and often with multicultural teams.
Experienced program manager who will help you manage your programs while remaining consistent with your business mission and vision. Develop new strategic programs that will help you achieve your goals such as:
  • project / program monitoring

  • coordination of projects

  • Administrative and budgetary management

  • Contribution to corporate communication The ability to delegate a multicultural team.

Project manager:
All of our project managers have the necessary experience to successfully complete your project. From planning to budgeting until the end of the project, our consultants support you until the desired results are obtained. The most important is our ability to work with a team already in place, we can also create our own team according to the specifics of the project. We also have unmatched flexibility; Whether you want a PRINCE2 project or another method, our consultants are ready to help. Our goal is for the project to achieve its original objectives while respecting time, budget, benefits and risks. We are very effective at:
  • Project planning

  • Coordinate tasks

  • Project control

  • Manage communication with stakeholders 

Project director:
For your larger and more complex projects, you always need an experienced and seasoned project manager to better control the budget and cost of your projects. So you need a PMFC project manager. Our project management consultants are seasoned leaders. You can count on them for the success of your projects.
  • Supervise the realization of the project

  • Assist the project manager

  • Participate in team recruitment

  • Ability to delegate

Project planner:
Some large projects require a dedicated project planner just to do some planning using dedicated software. Most of our consultants use MS Project for planning. If you need a project planner in your organization, PMFC is the best option. We aim to:
  • Plan and control the execution time.
  • Monitor the scope of the project, cost, quality and risks

  • Notify stakeholders in case of deviation